Friday, April 26, 2013

Chihuahuas always Win

Gypsy, our half-feral two year old Boxer, has the chest of a heavyweight champion and the bark of a 5lb toy dog. The boys are embarrassed by her yips; Two so much so that he's written a story about how this travesty came to be. Here we go...

Once upon a time, when Gypsy was feral, she met a small Chihuahua. Gypsy was hungry -- very hungry -- so she said to the Chihuahua, "I am so hungry, I don't care that you are a dog and not a cat. I will eat you."

"Beware!" said the Chihuahua. "I am a magical dog, and I have the power to curse you if you hurt me."

"Ha!" said wild Gypsy. "You are my lunch!" And she pounced and ate him up in one bite.

But woe be it to Gypsy, the Chihuahua was indeed a powerful, magical dog. As Gypsy jumped on him, he had just enough time to mutter a spell, and he cursed Gypsy with his last breath. The curse? That Gypsy would grow big and strong, but no matter how big she was, she would always bark like a Chihuahua.

And so she does.

The End.