Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kids and Money

My boys have slightly different opinions on money. One is pretty laid back about it. He doesn’t mind if he’s asked to pay for something special out of his hoard, but he can be a little acquisitive. Two, however, has a completely Godly heart about money. All of his money comes from his Dad, and he truly views it as a gift from his father – not something that became his when it was dropped in his piggy bank. Consequently, he loves to give it away. Last Christmastime he was up in his room for some time alone, then suddenly came downstairs with 2 Ziploc bags of change. “This” he said, dropping one of the bags in my lap, “is for church. And this (thud) is for Africa. Because there just can’t be any more poor people anymore. It has to stop.” We took both bags to church and made sure everyone knew one was his “tithe” and the other was for Africa – read Advent Conspiracy – and that was that.

This past Sunday Chris, our pastor, gave an update on the work Living Water has been doing in Liberia with the funds we raised last Christmas. I told the boys the news: Sa, the pastor we’re working with in Liberia, can no longer find a person in Mt. Barclay region not drinking clean water. The boys cheered and rejoiced as the minivan wound its way home from church. Last night I showed them the Living Water video I’ve posted here. I also told Two that his money last Christmas was a part of that good news – the children in Liberia were drinking clean water because Two’s money combined with everyone else’s to make this possible. But, I added, there were still lots of parts of Africa and the world without clean water, so we could look forward to putting our money together again this Christmas to help. Two immediately headed for the stairs. And once again, there are 2 big bags of change on the counter, except this time they’re both for Africa. And, he says, when he’s done with Africa and everyone has clean water there, he wants to find money for India, and Mexico, and Guatemala, and “anywhere else I can find where people drink dirty water.”

This generous child amazes me. And shames me and delights me and encourages me. Father God, give me the wisdom as his mother to open his heart even further to giving himself away for You.

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SarahHub said...

This post shames and delights ME. What a wonderful son you are raising!