Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things I Have Learned

In the spirit of being a lazy blogger tonight and stealing all my ideas from one person, Michele has another great post on things she has learned: a big victory: things i have learned.

Here is my list:

  • Don't rub hot sauce in your eyes [thank you to Jonah Goldberg's dad]
  • When someone talks incessantly about how stupid everyone else is, they think you're stupid, too
  • True love accepts you for who you are and hopes for the best
  • Women lawyers are crazy - more likely than not, anyway
  • I don't have to understand every word in the Bible to still believe in God
  • Things in my life don't have to make sense, and I can still believe in God
  • Reading a mystery novel a second time is okay, as long as you're not completely sure you remember whodunit
  • Sheets and towels should always be white
  • Never let anyone shorter than you take your picture
  • There is no shame in driving a minivan
  • Doctors don't know any more about their job than you know about yours
  • No tombstone ever read "valued employee" or "worked harder than anyone else"
  • Secretaries rule the world, so be nice to them
  • When your son tells you he "washed really well with soap", don't believe him
  • If your child throws up a food at the table, don't bother feeding it to him again
  • There really is such a thing as Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Sons love their mommy more than you could ever imagine

Do you have a list?

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Heather said...

This is great. I may have to borrow the idea. I am always at a loss for words.