Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Things Are Beyond My Comprehension

So after the boys and I arrived home, I locked myself in an Internet Bubble in my room while mom played with the urchins. When I finally came out, I heard:

"Does anyone have a Noah?"

"Does anyone have Jonah?"

"Does anyone have Adam and Eve?"

Yes, you guessed it. My mother has found Bible Go Fish cards. Why on Earth anyone would want such things I have no idea, but we're now "blessed" with a set. Hooray.

Honestly, isn't there a better way to teach kids about the fallen, complicated, yet faith-filled people in the Bible? These were people with deep flaws and yet deep love for God - better yet, He loved them deeply. Reducing them to one-dimensional, smiling figures on children's playing cards isn't going to communicate anything to anyone about the church's great spiritual heritage.

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