Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bat-Sh*t Crazy Woman

Okay, I know I'm not alone in thinking this, but who in Heaven's name thought this woman had something important to say that we needed to hear? Who thought she spoke for anyone but 0.00001% of American women?

Oh my sainted aunt, is this chick selfish or what?

"We were groomed to think bigger and better -- achievement was our birthright -- so it's small surprise that our marriages are more freighted. Marriage and its cruel cohort, fidelity, are a lot to expect from anyone, much less from swift-flying us. Would we agree to wear the same eyeshadow or eat in the same restaurant every day for a lifetime? Nay, cry the villagers, the echo answers nay. We believe in our superhood. We count on it."

"No. Your husband is not your best friend. Your best friend is your best friend. If your husband were your best friend, what would that make your best friend -- the dog? When a woman tells me that her husband is her best friend, what I hear is: I don't really have any friends."

"We are also tickets with jobs and disposable income. If we jump ship now, we're still attractive prospects who may have another shot at happiness. There's just that tricky wicket of determining whether eternal comfort resides in the tried-and-true or whether the untried will be truer."

"Having choices is a cornerstone of strength: Choosers won't be beggars. "Thinking about divorce is kind of like living in New York City with its museums and theater and culture," a doctor friend of mine said. "You may never actually go to any of these places, but for some reason, just the idea that you could if you wanted to makes you feel better.""

Where did this woman learn about marriage - shopping at Neiman's? "Oooh, if I don't love this Prada bag I can take it back and get a Kate Spade one instead." Does she ever give one single thought to the fact that her husband is a person, complicated and interesting and most likely worth getting to know beyond his superficial habits? I doubt it, simply because it is obvious from this piece that she has no thoughts other than superficial ones - ones that flit selfishly across her brain much the same way that images of cheese, cats and naps fly through Lambchop's little head.

Marriage is so completely the opposite of what this poor woman thinks it is. In the end all I can say is: how pathetic.

Link compliments of Dr. Helen.

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SarahHub said...

I guess I am a woman with no friends, as my husband is the best one I have.

I feel sad for her.