Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Conversation

As the minivan hurtles down the street on the way to evening church, the boys and I have the same conversation every week:

Me: This week you're really going to behave well at church, right?

Them: Of course, mom.

Me: No playing football in the Sunday School room, right?

Them: No football, mom.

Me: And One, no tackling Brian and wrestling with him.

One: Nope.

Me: And no climbing the teacher, right Two?

Two: I promise.

Me: And no throwing pillows at each other or at the other children.

Them: No pillows.

Me: And during art, you'll draw Jesus. Alive. Maybe healing the sick? Not dead people. You have to promise me you won't draw dead people. Or pirates. Or guns.

Them: Of course we won't.

Me: Good. I just know you're going to do so well this week. I just know it.

Rinse. Repeat next week.



MoziEsmé said...

Hope is a GOOD thing! Never lose hope!

Tari said...

I need a lot of it with these 2 around - some days, anyway! Other days they're perfect and I wonder what I was so worried about.