Thursday, October 1, 2009

Books We're Reading

I’ve been doing a lot of lazy re-reading of things like Miss Marple mysteries (yes, I am aware that is nothing to brag about) but the boys are up to their usual stuff when it comes to books. Some favorites:

The Swallows and Amazons series – thanks to Melissa Wiley for this recommendation. One loves the first book, and is excited to know there are 11 more for him to devour. I am less excited about the fact they are imports on Amazon, but since he reads almost everything two or three times maybe that will justify the cost.

The Hornblower Series (or Saga, or whatever it’s called) – One has read the Midshipman book and has already asked for the Lieutenant – the next chronologically.

Danger in the Desert: True Adventures of a Dinosaur Hunter – a Sterling Point biography of paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews.

For history One has lots of books on the Civil War – so far he’s liked Fields of Fury best.

Huck Finn, a One read-alone while Husband reads Life on the Mississippi to him aloud.

Two’s latest read-aloud is The Wind on the Moon, a very silly book which I am sort of gritting my teeth through, but that the boys absolutely love.

there is no me without you – an amazing story of a woman struggling to stay afloat in a sea of orphans in Ethiopia. This one, obviously, is mine, sandwiched between Miss Marples. I love it, but I’m taking it in small doses.


Rickster said...

Since Roy's name came up... if interested to know a little more about this 20th century adventurer, explorer from Beloit WI you can find it at
We're working to keep the sense of adventure in discovery he inspires alive. :)

Tari said...

Thanks! One used your site to do some research for his school project on Roy. He was an adventurer all boys should be interested in!