Thursday, October 29, 2009

John O'Quinn, RIP

Love him or hate him, this is a shock.


Htown Jenny said...

Didn't know much about him before now except that he was a Lawndale supporter, which is of course a place I care about.

And also, Allen Parkway has always really scared me.

Tari said...

He made a lot of money but he sure gave a lot of it away, too - that's for sure. The statue of him in front of the UH law library is slightly larger than life - I think that is somehow appropriate, as he was that kind of character.

He came to speak to the Law Review when I was at UT, and most of the Law Review types went into the presentation with their noses in the air at the thought of spending time with a dirty plaintiff's attorney. But a good friend came out afterwards and said that by the end of his speech, if O'Quinn had told him to jump off a bridge, he would have. Just the most compelling speaker ever - even to people who think they know better.