Thursday, October 29, 2009

Southwest Airlines and Honor Flight

My mom was at her layover in Baltimore yesterday when one of these flights came in: Southwest Airlines works with a non-profit group called Honor Flight, which brings WWII veterans from across the country in to see the monuments honoring them. Just as the flight arrived a Southwest employee made the announcement that the group of 70+ was coming off a flight from St. Louis, and anyone who wanted to cheer them on was welcome. Southwest handed out flags, and people lined the gate area, cheering and waving flags as the veterans arrived.

You can watch a video of a similar event here. As Will Rogers said:

"We can't all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by."


Mitzi and Jerry said...

Thanks for sharing about the Honor Flights. I would love to be at the airport for one of these landings to cheer for the veterans.

Tari said...

Me too!