Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Screaming Again

Why? Because One and Two are awake, and it's 12:08 AM. Husband is calmly reading Life on the Mississippi to One, and Two is perusing seven or eight books in his bed. Am I in any control of this situation? Nope. None whatsoever. If I could drink, I'd be 3/4 the way through a bottle of red wine right now. Maybe drinking it straight from the bottle while sitting on the kitchen floor. Damn antidepressants - they don't let you have any fun.

UPDATE, 12:20 AM: I just walked up there and dosed their sorry selves with Benadryl. Now we'll see who wins this battle! If that fails to work maybe I could just give them the red wine ... No, no - I have a Bar license to think of and getting arrested would probably hurt my ability to practice law. Oh, and there's that whole losing-custody-of-the-children thing to think of too. Better to stick with the OTC medication. ;)

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