Friday, August 22, 2008

The Island of Bob

I had a report from my dad and step-mom this AM. They live on the central Atlantic Florida coast and were hammered by Tropical Storm Fay. Dad described the water in the street and surrounding the house as "rivers". The streets had at least 15" of water in them, their retention pond backed up and poured water into the subdivision - the only thing that saved their house was my dad's foresight to have the house built up above the then-current floodplain. With the house surrounded on all 4 sides by water (hence Bob Island), they just stayed put and hoped for the best. Thankfully it all worked out and nothing flooded. But they're as shell-shocked as we Houstonians were after Alison - he kept repeating "the rain just kept coming" when I talked to him today. They've sat out 2 hurricanes so far, but this has been the worst weather experience they've had. Thank God everything is okay.

Anyone have Florida Fay stories to share?

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