Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creating Kindergarten out of Whole Cloth

Two went to Kindergarten Monday, and he loves it. Every morning he jumps out of the car and runs to his classroom. In the afternoon his teacher puts him in the car with a "he did a great job today". Nevertheless, he's taken to "storytelling" about his days at school. This is one of his favorite habits, and boy, are his creative juices flowing this week! Until we let him in on a secret last night - that we would be meeting with his teachers next week to see how things were going -he really laid some whoppers on us. Our favorites were:

"I read 20 books today, all by myself."

"I counted to 10,000, and Ms. Letzel covered her ears to make me stop but I kept going."

"I read a book on sharks to the whole class, and everyone said they didn't want to learn how to read. They only wanted to listen to me."

I dunno - con artist or famous fiction writer? Where is he going with this particular "talent"?

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