Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'd Like to Tell You

that my kitchen counter doesn't have a pile of dirty dishes on it, but I can't.

that I've started teaching One how to write with the fabulous Writing Mysteries book I bought him, but that would be a lie.

that I manage to put a simple home-cooked meal on the table for my family every night, but if I did I'd be talking about someone other than myself.

that I jump at every project my boss suggests, and am her favorite "go-to" person in the department ... but I'm not.

that there's not a constant, rotating pile of laundry on my formal living room couch, but then you'd come over and sit on the couch and notice that I'd fibbed to you.

that I know exactly what kind of middle school my 10 year old needs to attend next year - provided that I actually, um, did know that important bit of information.

that I'm not sick-to-stomach about making my first confession ever in three weeks, but I am.

that I end each day thanking God that I lived it with intention, but that would be the biggest whopper of them all.

I am a jack of all trades, master of none. Just call me mom.


Anonymous said...

I feel such kinship with you, Tari. Anticipation of confession feels like pre-pennance to me. But always, always, I fee better after.

I heard an excellent speaker on living intentionally recently. She was so convincing I have been 'converting' my simple daily prayers to her method, ever since, a month ago. Sigh.


PS This concept is just dawning on me:
Is it related to the church you are joining?

Tari said...

It must be. We're joining the Antiochian Orthodox Church, but all the Orthoodox churches in NA work together to some degree. There's a great many people who want to see us as our own Orthodox church, and forget about the ethnic divisions. I definitely think it needs to happen.