Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I Love about Christmas and Vacation

Not that I'm exactly on vacation: I was off Friday through Monday and am now working, some in the office and some at home, while the boys frolic at their favorite day camp. But it still feels mostly like vacation - and those four days off really felt vacation-y. So what do I like about Christmas and Christmas vacation?

  • staying home: no plane flights, no car rides, no nuthin'
  • singing Christmas carols
  • Liturgy on Christmas Eve that ends the Advent Fast with donuts in the church hall
  • reading the Christmas story before putting the boys to bed on Christmas Eve
  • children spending all day in pajamas and at bedtime, going upstairs, putting on a clean pair, and hopping into bed
  • Husband's last-minute Robert Irvine-like save of the Christmas-dinner salad, when we discovered that 80% of the lettuce had frozen in the 'fridge
  • leftover prime rib (which was cooked to perfection for Christmas dinner by Husband by the way)
  • re-reading trashy detective fiction in bed until past midnight
  • no sibling fights: yes, you read that correctly, no fights
  • chocolate mousse for breakfast
  • three hour Christmas Day Lego projects that don't require adult involvement
  • long phone calls catching up with family
  • naps
  • borrowing one of the boy's iPads to play Angry Birds
  • Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark (they put crack in it - no joke)
  • a seven year old who stills believes in Santa, no matter what his friends tell him
  • a ten year old who never, ever lets on to his 7 year old brother that Santa isn't real
  • playing with my new laptop
  • eating meat, dairy, and eggs again
  • being a family - the very best family - the family I belong to.

Merry Christmas, y'all.

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