Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

One had football tryouts today in the stinking Texas heat at high noon. I can't even express what this feels like - to stand outside on a treeless field in the middle of the day and sweat as simply as you breathe. He was so thoroughly soaked by the end of it, the permanent Sharpie letters on his tee shirt (identifying him by last name and grade, of course) had run. This is what it all looked like; you won't know what it feels like unless you've done it yourself, once upon a time.

The coaches in their reviewing tents:

Jugs of life-giving elixir:

Some of us, however, stayed home today to watch TV, and so dressed accordingly:

Being 8 is so much easier than being 11, don't you think? And the wardrobe is so much more colorful ...

Despite the heat, One had as much fun today as his brother. He gets more excited about football with every practice, and can't wait for his team assignment. The only thing that would make him less than happy would be if he were put on the A&M team - but since I don't think Antonio Armstrong drafted him today, he's probably safe. For now I hope he keeps enjoying himself, and puts as much of himself into football as he always has into taekwondo. If he does that, he'll be fine.

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