Monday, November 7, 2011

Boomers Love Themselves

Is anyone surprised that nothing has changed for the most obnoxious generation ever to "grace" this country's shores? The latest news: they are still as selfish and self-centered as they always were, and still just as out of touch with reality. Today's evidence? A Smart Money article on "10 Things Baby Boomers Won't Tell You." Among them:

1. I'm spending your inheritance now.
2. I'm spending it so fast, I'll be living with you (and on you) very soon.
3. We'd have more money to live on if we hadn't had you at all dammit.

The world won't be rid of this awful group of people soon enough. Thanks, worthless Boomers. Thanks for AIDS, skyrocketing divorce rates, disco, "finding yourself", latchkey kids and all the other ills you brought on the world. Now get to the county nursing home and eat your lime jell-o. It's more than you'll ever deserve.

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Anonymous said...

As a late-blooming baby boomer I resemble that remark, Tari. ;) Gosh, but you must be lots younger than me - 56. Hubby and I are still working hard to be sure our children are not responsible for us later and still have a reasonably good life - including the self-discipline to not be overweight all the while trying to launch our two to be responsible for themselves - a much tougher task by the way as we so want to give to them.

You make a bit of hyperbole here, I think. Definitely there are too many latent hippie-types, spoiled by the greatest generation when the good life hit in the 50's. I believe there's more to it than castigating everyone born between 1947 and 1964. But I get your gist and support you for a message of more self-reliance in every generation. Barbara