Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Food on the Fourth

We didn't do much to celebrate the Fourth - it seems odd to be off in the middle of the week for one day, frankly. But we did cook, as usual, and it was wonderful.

Tomatoes and mozzerella. I was very lucky with some beefsteak tomatoes at Whole Foods - when I cut into them they smelled like childhood summer.

An enormous pile of meat, compliments of Husband's copious grilling talents.

Broccoli rabe with shallots and bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.

Elotes, since One can't eat corn on the cob right now, what with braces and everything. It might taste even better this way - I need to eat a lot more of it so I can make up my mind about that.

And of course, s'mores.

You know it's summer. Even if it only hit 90 today.

We've watched the NYC and DC fireworks on TV, are going to read the Declaration of Independence and then head off to bed. Hope your Fourth was a good one!

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Mitzi and Jerry said...

Thanks for sharing your Fourth with us! We can live vicariously through you!