Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day One

The Diet of the Year I Turn 40 has begun. Today. Why? Because I am in dire need of the removal of 25 of the pounds that cling so lovingly to just about every part of my body between my shoulder blades and my knees. Don't believe me? Here I am, just last week*:

Blech. For sake of comparison, here I am almost 13 years ago, on my wedding day**:

Yes, I will agree: the little imp next to me in the first picture would be worth almost any number of pounds, as would his delightful older brother. But I was within 10 pounds of my weight on my wedding day within 6 months of each delivery; I am now 25 pounds heavier than that. A diet has become mandatory. I refuse to limp pathetically into 40 this June at the weight I am currently.

I am posting this because I need some help. Call it accountability, transparency - what you will - but I need to know that someone (even if it's only one of my five readers) is wondering occasionally "what on earth is going on with Tari and that diet? I bet you $20 she quit." And hopefully I will not have quit, but instead will be posting uplifting updates here on my glorious lack of pounds.

Wish me luck.

*Why, yes, that is Disney World! More on that coming soon.

**And just in case you're thinking "sure, she was skinny on her wedding day - ALL brides diet before the big day" I must correct you. Husband asked me on a Monday and we were married that Friday - not much time for Weight Watchers.

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Htown Jenny said...

Okay, I'm watching you--and I want to hear that engagement story sometime.....