Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Breakfast

The boys usually make their own breakfast, which is quite a blessing for Husband and me. Since today is Saturday, they wanted a little more than a bowl of Cheerios. Here's what each of them came up with:

One went for the French breakfast - cafe au lait (3/4 milk, 1/4 coffee) and toasted sourdough with strawberry preserves:

All that's missing is the newspaper and Gauloises:

Two was all traditional - scrambled eggs and cheese - but he had fun garnishing his plate with some fresh basil be found in the 'fridge. Husband is the omelette master in this house, and as Two walked out of the kitchen with his creation he whispered "take that, Dad!" I think someone may have watched a little too much Food Network Challenge, no?

Anyone care to come over for brunch tomorrow?


Elizabeth Channel said...

I have to quit reading your blog. Every time I do I go and eat more food!

TherExtras said...

Your children are so competent!

I've been posting about cooking - trying to convince parents to engage their children in learning in the kitchen. I need to add that watching the food network may be helpful! Barbara

Tari said...

Barbara, Thanks! They love all the Food Network shows, especially the competitive ones and Alton Brown. The competitive ones are great because the chefs are usually having fun, and many of them are men, so the boys see guys cooking and getting all excited about food. Alton Brown is great because he does enough silly stuff to keep the kids entertained, and he explains (with some science) how what you're eating is made. He's a natural-born teacher of young kids. Tari

TherExtras said...

My Hubby has a whole set of Alton Brown's - he's a science teacher. I enjoy watching them, too. (We don't have cable, by choice, hence no Food Network.)