Friday, October 1, 2010

Life in the "City"

I found this item in the free neighborhood newspaper dropped unwelcomingly on the lawn this week. It's from the police blotter of a nearby "city within Houston" - a "city" that has its own government, including its own police force.

"Police arrested a man Sept. 16 in the 6300 block of XXX Street for walking on the roadway where a sidewalk is provided."

No, really. That says "arrested" and not "ticketed", and is a perfect example of why I live in the real City of Houston and not in one of these miniature "cities" that are scattered throughout the Houston area. I can't imagine the real, actual Houston Police Department wasting its time on such things. Nor can I imagine them throwing one of my sons up against his car after stopping him for what amounts to "driving while teenager", which is what happens not infreqently in "cities" like these, with "police forces" such as they have.

We promised the boys when they were way too young to understand, and it's a promise I intend to keep: we'll never live where they have fake police, if you promise never to attract the attention of the real police. Deal? Deal.

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