Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smack, it's What's for Dinner

Here's just what we all need to bring sanity and reasonableness to the debate surrounding childhood obesity and what we should feed our kids:

Isn't this how you feel when you treat your kids to burgers? And don't you think this ridiculously-overboard load of guilt will help parents who feed their kids fast food more often than they should stop and give them tofu instead? Sure it will. Of course. Because nothing motivates people like hysteria and obvious manipulation. I don't know how I get the boys to do anything without those two key parenting tools. ::thickwithsarcasm::

HT: James Lileks.


TherExtras said...


I'm with you - there has got to be a better way to influence unsophisticated parents than via a commercials on tv. Like that has EVER been effective - remember "your brain on drugs".

The 'media' industry has convinced too many that they are powerful in influencing societal behavior - and they are - in all the wrong directions. And ineffective, I believe, in reversing people's draw to porn, violence and depictions of dysfunction - all for entertainment and profit. Thanks for the opportunity to sound-off. Barbara

Tari said...

Amen, Barbara.

And I LOVED that frying egg when I was a teenager, with the serious voiceover "this is your brain on drugs!". My friends and I thought it was hysterical. Obviously, that was not the message the grown-ups wanted to send. ;)