Thursday, September 8, 2011

Football Practice

One's team had their last practice tonight before their first game this Saturday. Wheeee! The boys are really excited - at least, going by One's reaction, they all must be excited, because he is on the moon. I am the "official" team photographer, so last night while the boys were practicing I practiced too - with my camera. I've always used the idiot settings on it, and while they get good results in many situations they do not adequately cover motion shots, especially in lower light. I did some manual-reading and some googling about camera settings, and went out to play with ISO, f-stop and shutter speed for the first time. I think I had as much fun as the boys did - at least while the light held.

Huddling up:

I'm trying to see how much motion I can capture, so I take some of the drills at the beginning.

The light is starting to go, or at least my camera skills are failing me:

Aha! I open the apeture a little more and voila! More light! Just like the internet said there would be. Again, trying to see how much motion I can capture, and what looks blurry when I zoom in and what doesn't. So legs: not so bad. Feet: blurry.

Now they're getting into the drills One likes best: running into things.

Best of all: running into one another:

And now the light is really gone as it gets to be 8pm, so Two and I head home, leaving One to finish out practice and ride home with Dad. They always come in the front door laughing, so I think they like that arrangement most of all.

Let's hope I can pull it off on Saturday. I know the boys can. Go team!

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