Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday Night (and no, I did not just get paid)

In fact, I have nothing to do but provide you with links. I have an exciting life, I know.

If you ever wonder why I own a gun, you just need to look at the news to get your longed-for answer. Because those professionals out there who you're sure will protect you? Sometimes they can't hit the broad side of a barn. "Eight officers returned fire — in two distinct volleys — firing 73 bullets and striking Mr. Webster twice, in his chest and hip." I don't believe I've ever missed a target at the gun range. I doubt sincerely my aim would be as good as 100% in a real life, dangerous situation, but I promise I'm better than 2.7%.

In political news, Chris Matthews briefly channeled Rick Perry the other day on Social Security. My explanation? Everyone can get busy and forget to fill their meds prescription now and again. That might also explain the leg tingle he had a few years ago, come to think of it.

I was feeling a little embarrassed about picking on Mormons the other day and revealing the secret of their underwear and all, but then a fellow mom blogger confessed that she struggled with the desire to burn Mormons at the stake for their heresies, so now I am feeling quite a lot better about the whole underwear thing. Thank goodness for the ability to compare yourself to others and feel self-righteous after doing so! Where would I be without it?

Our former priest, author and blogger Fr. Joseph Honeycutt, has a piece in which he confesses to some adolescent trouble with the Boys in Blue. He writes: "It didn’t help that there was a light as bright as the sun shining on my back and a police megaphone piercing the night with a voice that said..." Doesn't it make you feel so good about your own youthful run-ins with the law, knowing that your priest, too, made similar mistakes? Me too.

James Lileks writes a great post today on the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, the name of which I will not repeat here. He is (understandably, in my opinion) upset about the name and attendant marketing campaign. "Just a small interval of childhood unpunctured by leering sexual puns in the dessert aisle- a small thing, I grant. Hardly worth defending." What he said. He's also starting to write about 9/11 a bit, as you can see at the beginning of today's post. Look back in on him on Monday; I'm thinking he'll have something well-worth reading on it.

Pound Pup Legacy is asking for nominations for their 5th annual "Demons of Adoption" award. And no, before you ask, I am not against adoption. I am against abuses of the system, dishonest people who make money off the process without counting the cost on the birth families, adoptive families and children, and a lack of proper oversight that allows all of that to happen. So there.

Finally, if you've never checked out one of the most interesting sites on the internet, don't waste another minute and head right over to Retronaut now. See the past. Be the past, Danny.


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