Monday, December 26, 2011

Notes on Christmas

The Grass Widow household had a perfect Christmas. The past two+ days have been filled with sleep, presents, food and peace. Here are some vignettes:

Santa is going to get an angry letter from me, because this was one of Two's presents. Yes, it's sharp and dangerous. He has reassured us at least 30 times, "don't worry." Thanks, sweetie; just what we all need to hear.

One received many, many books, this being the worst (and, of course, one of the favorites - thank you, Husband). He didn't feel very well yesterday, so he curled up and read four books in his beloved new chair. Yes. Four. And I carried that enormous chair upstairs by myself last night - no mean feat, if I do say so myself.

I didn't take many food pictures, although we ate like royalty, feasting on prime rib, au gratin potatoes, braised red cabbage, roasted brussel sprouts, carrots sauteéd with orange peel and thyme, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Here is part of our mid-day snack, minus the paté and baguette.

Two received a Lego project much larger than his head, and is still working on it. He's also created a number of new and interesting creatures, including the house-sized Mangmar fish, which is the sworn enemy of the Quacktable squid (yet to be made).

The family member who enjoyed Christmas the most: Knight. He thought the novelty of spending an evening at Gaga's was delightful, surpassed only by Christmas day at home. He hasn't been this happy since Lambie left us.

Just in case you think Husband and I didn't enjoy ourselves as well, I have evidence to the contrary. Here he is, laughing so hard he's crying (I'll take credit for that) and I'm looking cute in my favorite new pair of red shoes. Our 15th Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Happiness: pure bliss.

I hope y'all's Christmas was as warm, relaxing and wonderful as ours.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Mitzi and Jerry said...

All of you look great! Thanks for posting photos of your Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Very pleased to read about your celebration! I read on another blog that the Orthodox Church does not celebrate Christmas for another week - ? Did I misunderstand?

Ours was good, too. Thinking New Year thoughts now.


Tari said...

We always have services on Dec 24th for Christmas Eve, and nothing in January. I don't know why some have it differently - I'll have to ask at church. The only time I've ever seen stuff for the 12 days of Christmas is in Mexico, where the Three Kings come at the end (and they are in the zocalo every night to take pictures with, too). 12 nights of street parties - very cool idea.