Monday, March 28, 2011

First Day of Swim

Yesterday was our first day to venture out to the Y for a swim. It takes at least a week of 80 temperatures to convince us that we're not going to freeze, and finally Two's begging to go swimming (he's been at it since January) was no longer for naught. As befits the otter he is, he took full advantage of it.

At first One was a little too tweenish to participate.

But he finally gave in and played with his brother, swam laps with his parents, and generally acted like himself.

After the swim we went out for tacos. Two's love of swimming got the best of him on the way.

But with dinner and a cookie under his belt he woke up fully and even took a run (okay, it was a jog) with One and me. Well, a 2nd clarification: One and I jogged, Two loped like a gazelle until he was too far ahead, then race-walked back to ask us if we were coming, and then loped ... well, you get the idea. All in all he must have done a mile more than One and I.

A good day was had by all. Spring is here to stay.

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