Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playing Catchup

It seems as if four million things have happened in the past week, and because of that I forgot to write a post about the ever-important attainment of the almost-black belts. Yes, both boys are now official black belt candidates; if they work their tails off for the next few months they will be eligible to test at the end of May. I have a fantastic picture of them with their master that I would love to post, but he's a little too social-media-adverse for me to do that to him. Instead I give you One, breaking 2 boards at once on the first try and then crowing about it:

Two wasn't able to break his board, but he did pass the test with the same score as his brother. He also put on a good show at the beginning of the test, when they warmed up with some calisthenics, including Two's speciality: push ups:

How anyone that small can do as many push ups as he can is beyond me.

This week has been easily as hectic as last, but only because the boys have taken turns being sick, staying home, and watching copious amounts of Stooges, Good Eats, King Solomon's Mines, and just about everything else they can get their hands on. There's really nothing like having a conference call with a client and politely explaining that, why, yes, that is the Harry Potter movie theme song in the background, but really, I've been working steadily all day and not watching movies myself - of course not. The long pause of disbelief that follows is something that I can live without, believe me.

Th-th-th-th-that's all for now, folks.

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