Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Numbers Game

Okay, Elizabeth plays this numbers game periodically, and I like it too. Here's my entry for today:

1 - sneaky brindle boxer boy who clawed his way out of his crate while we were gone this morning

1 - crushed soda can he took from the recycling bin and played with

1 - size 10 Birkenstock, slightly damp but unharmed, found on the stair landing

1 - soaking wet but otherwise unscathed stuffed animal found lying in the kitchen

40 - pieces of clothing knocked off the laundry pile onto the floor

30 - slightly hairy but still clean pieces of clothing left in the pile for someone to sleep on

10 - other messes made by small boys that are now being blamed on the dog

1 - harried mother who now has to make time to buy bungee cords to shut that dog in his crate for good!

Who knew someone this innocent looking could be so devious?!

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