Friday, September 18, 2009

Galveston 2009

I posted a little earlier about our 1 year anniversary of The Returning of the Blessed Electricity after Hurricane Ike, but I have yet to blog on our Labor Day trip down to Galveston. One getting the Pig Flu the Friday we got there sort of put a damper on the whole weekend, and the rest of us showing up with Pig Flu by Tuesday of the next week definitely prevented me from posting anything for a few days. I'd wanted to spend some time in Galveston itself that weekend and take pictures of how things are, one year later. Pretty much all I did get was pictures of Pirate's Beach, which fared very well all things considered. The house we rented in 2008 was there for us in 2009; it looks the same now as it did last Labor Day.

Here are the pictures I did manage to take:

The beach, good and bad:

Where the dunes used to be, there is a digger:

It looks like the dunes will eventually be here, between the houses:

High water marks at the Elissa dock (Ike is the 2nd arrow):

The Elissa herself, as proud as ever:

Overall, Galveston looked great, and we were glad to be back.

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