Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Other News

As I said before, I’ve been running around like a madwoman for the past two-plus weeks, trying to survive another quarter-close at work. Other than me neglecting my family and the housework and all of us eating lots of take-out for dinner, here’s a few things that have been going on in our world:
  • I’ve been trying to convince the boys to be Adam and Jamie for Halloween. So far One is on board (his alternative is no costume for the first time ever – sniff!) but Two is stuck on being a vampire. I might talk One into being Jamie and Adam – one side of his body for each. I can’t decide if I should split him in half down the front, or have him be Adam from the front and have Jamie’s face on the back of his head. Thoughts?
  • The boys received their first mid-term grades and all is well. Despite never having grades before, and One not actually knowing where they came from, both were covered in A’s. Bravo!
  • I think I’ve decided that, as a family, we are Not Cut Out For The Cub Scouts. There is quite a lot of evidence mounting to support this, including (1) Two running out of his first Tiger Cub meeting and refusing to go back in. This might have been because the uniforms reminded him of his first school, which he hated. (2) One of Two’s den parents (or whatever they call the dads all into Cub Scouts) telling me “this is not a drop-off activity” when I don’t actually do things that aren’t drop-off activities, especially not on a Wednesday night when I have work to finish and church to get to immediately after the den meeting. (3) Husband’s subtle refusal to acknowledge that he said he would do the camping if I did all the meetings. Since I apparently can’t do the meetings (see 2 above – and neither can Two – see 1) I think this absolves Husband of the camping, and, combined with 1 and 2, consequently knocks all four of us out of the Scouts.

    I’m crushed. I was really looking forward to seeing all the dads in those cute little uniforms.


Anwyn said...

Since when is scouting not a drop-off activity? Camp Fire Girls was always a drop-off activity when I was the one being dropped off, as I recall.

Sounds like people with no confidence and yet a desire to rule are in charge! :)

Tari said...

I didn't get that one, either. There were at least 3 dad volunteers there and a dozen scouts, all sitting down doing some kind of crafty activity. The waiting moms were gossiping together all the way across the room. For this I have to stay?

It's funny, we got them into this because of my dad, and his rhapsodizing about Boy Scouts and how much it helped him. I somehow don't think his mother, who had 5 other children to take care of, was there waiting for him to finish his scout meetings. I'm pretty darn sure she didn't even drive him there or pick him up afterwards. In fact, one of the things he liked best about scouting was it got him out of the house and away from all the craziness.

I guess things have changed since the 1950's. Who knew? ;)