Friday, September 11, 2009

Everybody's Talking 'Bout

This Salon op-ed by an American writer named Stephen Amidon, who spent 12 years in London and consequently loves the NHS. He's certainly entitled to his opinion, and he shares it in this very well-written piece. But before you decide it's an unbiased account of real life under Britian's national health system, read this 2008 interview with the same author, in which he makes his politics perfectly clear. A sample quote:

"Moving back has been a mixed bag. We returned in 1999, when the country was at peace, prosperous, liberal-minded (or so it seemed) and there was a cool, interestingly flawed person in the White House. But almost immediately after we settled in, Bush stole the election, 9/11 happened, and this horrible reactionary period started. It was as bad as when I left. No – worse. Much, much worse. Sometimes while we’re watching the news my wife looks at me like – what have you done to me? Take me back to Twickenham!"

Not that I've ever been dumb enough to believe Salon was an unbiased source of information ...


Anwyn said...

"Interestingly" flawed.

I have so many things to say about that that would probably be killed by your spam filter.

Tari said...

"Interesting" way to put it, don't you think? ;)