Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Math: What I'm Not Having a Trauma About this Week

Now that we have mostly settled into school, things we'd rather not think about have begun crawling out of the closet. Chief among them: how One happens to be an entire year behind in math, thanks to Montessori math strangeness and my utter refusal to listen to two years of my overly patient husband suggesting "I really think we need to get him a little extra help in math."

Sigh. Can I be a little bit thicker? I do wonder sometimes ...

So despite the fact I swore a solemn vow (while in the throes of homeschooling fervor three years ago) that I would tutor my own children if they needed extra help, I am checking out remedial math options like Mathnasium to find which program will help our strange little ex-Montessorian. He is missing (a rough estimate I put together this past weekend):

-- adding and subtracting money
-- ditto for weights and measures (okay, he doesn't even know that 16oz = 1lb)
-- fraction addition and subtraction
-- any ability at all with word problems
-- most geometry
-- any idea how to take a test or where grades come from

What did he do his entire third grade year, you ask? Math every day, of course. Multiplication. Every. Single. Day. Nothing else worth mentioning.

I love it when things are my fault. I love making work for others, especially when they're small and they trust me to not do such things to begin with. I love it ... I just love it to pieces.

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