Friday, April 23, 2010

Help in Time of Need

As I pointed out two nights ago at the end of one of my soapbox rants, I frequently need help in focusing on the positive nature of my beliefs, as opposed to my negative reactions to things in which I do not believe. A most wonderful source of such help is Ancient Faith Radio. Their thousands of podcasts are such a blessing, and never fail to educate me and calm me down, rather than stir me up to blather on sarcastically.

One of the best series I've listened to is At the Intersection of East and West, recorded as a Sunday school class taught by Dn. Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and a Deacon at St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin, Tennessee - a church that converted together from Evangelicalism to Orthodoxy in the late 1980's (wow, huh?!). My new favorite episode is Most Holy Theotokos, Save Us: not just a discussion on Mary, but a wonderful discussion on the nature of salvation as a whole. Give it a listen; it's much, much better than my ranting and nonsense any day, believe me!

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