Saturday, April 17, 2010

One on Stage

One made his stage debut today, in a play written and acted by the Saturday morning acting class he's been taking since January. He suffered from the obligatory case of stage fright last night, beating out a warm glass of milk and a Benadryl to stay awake until 2:30am, but he was still up and ready to go this morning, and at the performance he was just great. Best of all, he loved it - both the performing itself and the after-show adrenaline rush - and can't wait for the next play in the fall. Here he is with his co-players, in The Rhinestone Party:

As a mercernary spy, checking out the famous singer who is the center of the plot:

With his school classmate, P, demanding payment from the star:

His second character, the doctor:

The star:

Thumbs up once it was over - I like the way P is watching him and his big smile:

And out for Mexican food as a celebration:

And that's all there is - until next time, of course.

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