Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Moms, Careers and Kids

I love Ann Althouse. Except when I disagree with her politically, which happens - but only on big important events (like elections - grrrr). Otherwise, the way she chops people up into small pieces as only a law professor can is just one of the most enjoyable things I can think of. Try this example: she's carefully flaying Peter Beinart for his piece on why there should be more women on the Supreme Court. Beinart says:

"And that’s why it’s important not just to have lots of women in positions of political power, but to have lots of women with kids. It’s important because otherwise, the message you’re sending young women is that they can achieve professionally, or they can have a family, but they can’t do both."

And Althouse snaps back with:

"Hey, buddy. My career is not your messaging device. My birth canal is not a beacon of light to the unenlightened."

Glorious. Absolutely glorious. And 100% right, mind you. I'm not at work every day so girls can figure out "that women can do it all." Most of the time I'm at work because I want to be; sometimes I'm there only because I have to be. But certainly, overall, I didn't work through college and law school and 12 years of practice because I didn't like it or because somebody made me. I did it because I wanted to; I didn't do it to send a message, or to be a mentor, or to make things easier for anyone else coming along behind me. And guess what? If that attitude is good enough for every man with whom I've worked, then it's good enough for me.

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