Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Demon-Possessed Dog

Lambchop thinks she can sing. Or maybe she thinks she's a lecturer in dog history. Whatever it is, she can stand at the fence and bark like nobody's business. It is - and always has been - her least-endearing trait. Unfortunately, it's common in Boxer girls, so I'm afraid we'll be afflicted with it in one four-legged form or another until the end of time.

When she gets going, we - or mostly I - tend to refer to her as the "minion of Satan" or just "that demon-possessed dog". Tonight, as she was warbling away and I was heading to the back door to put a stop to it, I mentioned to Husband that I'd been thinking that, when we finally convert to Orthodoxy, it would be nice to have the priest over to have a house blessing, exorcism, etcetera ... and then, I said, he can get to work on that dog.

"You ask too much," said Husband in reply. And you know, he's probably right.

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