Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Two invited me under the covers tonight after I finished reading to him: "Come on Mom, we need to have a secret conversation."

What about? Well, once we were tucked firmly under the blankets, Two revealed all:

"We need to have a serious talk about Dad's craziness. What do you think is causing it?"

We worked out that Dad is the only person who is crazy in the house, and Dad is the only person who eats jalapenos. Ergo, jalapenos cause craziness. I suggested that his Dad was born "crazy", or that he inherited it from his own father, but Two thought the jalapeno explanation made much more sense. Maybe that's because it was his idea.

We came out from under the covers, caught our breath, and then dived back in.

Two: "And now, Mom, I need to know. What causes mustaches?"

Oy vey. Can your father answer this question?

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