Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Bob

This is an open letter to Bob Sirott, a Chicago-area radio broadcaster, who is unfortunate enough to be married to perhaps the most abusive wife in all of IL. She writes an "advice" blog called How to Train Your Man, and her entries are full of "cute" anecdotes on how she has verbally abused Bob into doing all kinds of things her way.

Dear Bob:

I know it may not have dawned on you yet, but when your wife graduated high school her classmates voted her "Most Likely to End up in a Psych Ward". She's insane, and she's abusing you - in public, nonetheless. Print off every, single, solitary page of her hideous website, and FILE. Come on - you know you can do it. Even though the majority of divorces in the US are filed by women and not men, buck the tide - be a trendsetter. But one way or the other get a lawyer and maybe a restraining order, pronto. After you've taken her to the cleaners for emotional abuse, get some therapy. And then: never. get. married. again.

Your friend,

The Grass Widow

HT: Dr. Helen


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

where did you find this?

Tari said...

Dr. Helen Smith. She’s Instapundit’s wife, and one of the things she focuses on with her blog is how abused men can be in marriage (and how screwed in divorce) and how our culture cannot acknowledge that. We are conditioned to think of women as victims of men, and can’t seen to realize that it works both ways. She’s a forensic psychologist who specializes professionally in psychotic teens. She made a movie called “Six” about a group of teens that randomly murdered a picnicking family. I think she falls under the category of “very cool chick”.