Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Two Sees the World: the Camera

Two has been in love with his digital camera since he received it on Christmas Day. I finally sat down today and downloaded all the pictures he's taken and movies he's made with it. Here are two of my favorites:

Self-portrait of a young artist:

Capturing One's existential angst:

I know, blurry, I know. But even Two's blurry images look like he meant them to be that way. I think he sees something through the digital camera screen that most of us don't. That's likely an exaggeration, but looking at his pictures tonight I felt like I did when One started bringing home his first really good chalk sketches. There's a sense of recognition: neither of them may be actual artists, but this is how they see things best - this is their particular language.

Right now, he's filming himself sleeping. Oh Mr. Warhol, what will you think of next?!

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