Thursday, September 2, 2010

Falling in Love Again

My oven and I have been at odds with one another for some time. First the heat came, and it just seemed like too much work to cook in an over-heated kitchen. Then Husband went through a grilling spurt, and food cooked inside seemed to pale in comparison to the delights from the grill. But then it got even hotter, and grilling because impossible, and for weeks we've been subsisting on take out, scrambled eggs, and soup. Finally, last week, my oven and I came to terms with one another, and we are once again in our happy, mutually beneficial relationship (it gives me food, I give it a purpose other than being a dish rack).

Here is my dear one, and what we created together today:

What will these become?

Oh, I see! Potato au gratin with a touch of Dijon mustard:

A vegetable gratin with okra, zucchini, summer squash, onions and tomato. Heavy on the thyme, garlic and olive oil, please:

And an irresistible pear pound cake for dessert:

The pictures don't even tell the whole story: there was some amazing brined and roasted chicken that got cut up and eaten before I could grab the camera. I'm so happy Husband has passed his legendary brining secrets on to me; I may not be worthy yet of the Thanksgiving turkey, but I can make a mean chicken.

Fall is coming, and I can love my oven again.

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