Friday, September 10, 2010

How Bad Is It?

I looked at Monster for attorney jobs last night - not because I'm interested in leaving my nice, safe, secure job (nor is Husband at all interested in leaving his) but more out of curiosity about what kind of "recovery" was going on out there.

What did I find? How many jobs are out there on one of the biggest job sites around?

Searching only the term "attorney" by city, I found (radius set at 20 miles):

Boise: 0
Portland: 0
Knoxville: 1
Charleston: 1
Kansas City: 1
Austin: 1
New Orleans: 2
San Antonio: 3
Cleveland: 3
Orlando: 3
Miami: 4
Seattle: 5
St. Louis: 6
Phoenix: 7
Pittsburgh: 8
Detroit: 11
San Francisco: 16
Denver: 19
Washington DC: 21
Houston: 21
Atlanta: 22
Boston: 23
Chicago: 23
Dallas: 26
Minneapolis: 46
Los Angeles: 50
New York: 86

So, has Monster become the least-popular job site ever, or are there just. no. jobs?


Anonymous said...

That is an interesting spread. I don't know anything about the site, but I cannot imagine finding a job via a site like that.

Honestly, there are more jobs than people available in my professions. That could change, but I cannot make predictions on the healthcare job market. (Living in a little fear, however.)

Tari said...

Monster used to have 100's of jobs just here in Houston - I found many jobs to apply to when I wasn't working full time, and every job my company has had open for 10+ years has been posted on it (tech industry people love sites like this). It's a great resource - when there are actually jobs, that is.

I think looking at something like attorneys or accountants is a good way to see how businesses are doing, since you can't do much these days (fortunately or unfortunately) without them both. That's why these low numbers disturb me so much - it means fewer deals, fewer new businesses, fewer stock offerings, fewer new joint ventures, etc - it means businesses aren't growing, pretty much.

Anonymous said...

That helps me understand better, Tari. Thank you. Economic indicators are tough for those of us who live in need of attorneys and accountants.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I AM behind reading here, but I scrolled down because I thought this fit here: