Monday, September 6, 2010


From a long weekend spent inside, thanks to One's and my head colds (ack):

Here's Two, pretending to repair something under my bed. The swim goggles mean he needed to do a little welding to get the job done.

One, trying to explain something from Redwall to his dad, and getting this in return: "Remember One, after the Russian's invaded, only the Wolverines stood up to them."

Why can't they play like this together every day?

One, trying to discuss Iron Man II with his dad, and gettting the song Iron Man sung to him by a slightly stir-crazy Husband. In the ensuing conversation, One asks: "Who on earth is Ozzy Osborne?" Thank you, God.

It's not every day Two brushes his teeth, so I took a picture:

And yes, One really does read all those history books I blog about. Here he is, absorbed by the Zulu War:

Even though I spent it with a head full of &^%#, it was a good long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your cold, but some nice 'snippets'!

My Hubby is intrigued by the Zulu wars, too (I think I have that correct). He quotes from an old movie titled "Zulu" starring Michael Caine.


Tari said...

Thanks. I've had so much herbal and decaf tea, I could float a steamer. But it does help, at least temporarily.

The child really likes this history series from Osprey, since they are all military histories. And he's very into this Zulu book, since the Zulus were so tough (I'm sure if he knew the word he'd say "bada$$").

He's really looking forward to getting back to ancient history (after a few more modern books), since that will mean my bribe of as many ancient battle books as he can devour. He's already planning on asking for a 3rd bookshelf for Christmas...