Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Post in Which We Go to the Principal

One had his first trip to the principal today and, as I like to blog about my children's accomplishments, I thought I'd write about this one, too. Seriously, if he'd knocked someone's lights out, I'd be too busy sitting on him while calling military schools to blog, but this was, well, it was silly. Essentially, he was rude to a classmate twice and, rather than deal with it herself (by, oh, making him sit out for 10 minutes of recess), the substitute teacher for the day called in the big guns. Some choice quotes from One's re-counting of the tale:

"So I told him to be quiet because he can't seem to stop telling poop jokes during math and I get sent to the principal? What's that about?"

"I was on the playground at recess and Ms. A. (one of the administrative staff) came to get me. She looked so serious, I thought her aunt had just died. She barely spoke to me, just led me to the office like a bailiff taking a criminal to the judge."

Who can punish a child who tells such a story - and tells it so well, at that?

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