Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear God

I know you use others around us to help us in our sanctification, but can you please stop using my mother in law? I think I’ve had enough. I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about me.

I know as a parent I’m supposed to model Godly behavior for my children, but can you tell the boys to look at their godparents for that more than they look to me? After all, their godfather is a priest, and their godmother – well, she’s a priest’s wife. They’re obviously much better at this stuff than I am.

Can’t you make me grow in patience a little faster? I have a lot going on and I could use some more patience, pronto.

Will self-deprecation do as a substitute for humility? I’m much better at the former than I am at the latter, you know.

Why do the Orthodox have to point out that gluttony is such a sin? Can I have a pass on that, since I was raised Protestant and they never talk about gluttony?


TherExtras said...

*stiflinglaughter* I understand God has a wonderful sense of humor and so he won't mind if my chuckles bust-out-loud. (I believe the current term used is: lol. Ahem.)

I don't have a MIL so I might be speaking out of turn if I try to go there. Godparents really do make a difference - and sure, it is reasonable for them take the spotlight during our most humble moments, I think.
"Can’t you make me grow in patience a little faster?" lol.


Let me know what He says about your perfectly reasonable substitute for humility, please. I am so with you on that difference.

I could do a whole post on that last issue. Don't look for it soon. Now where did I leave my evening snack? Thanks, Tari! Barbara

Tari said...