Sunday, January 23, 2011

More New Art

Two's Leaping Bull is not the only art piece we've been admiring over here at the GW home. Here are a few more - proof of why we love Glassell so very much.

One did his first still-life. It's acrylic, which makes me very glad, since the clothes he painted it in are still wearable.

One also did a wonderful diorama. He loves this kind of stuff, and picked his subject based partly on his love of drawing birds. The eagle in the diorama is actually separate and is hanging from the top of the box.

Two did his first "perspective" drawing - a study of the front of the main Glassell building. He also did a cityscape perspective piece that reminds me a little of the famous New Yorker cover.

They are learning new techniques, and best of all they're having fun doing it. Going to after-school class at Glassell remains one of their favorite things ever, and many other suggested activities have gone down in flames when they realize they couldn't fit the new thing AND Glassell in at the same time. I love their self-chosen loyalty to this activity, and am so proud of the work that they put into each new piece. It's so much fun watching wild, sword-fighting boys be passionate about art, and it makes me ask myself the exciting question again and again: who will they be when they're grown up?

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TherExtras said...

Their work is very nice! Thanks for showing. Heh. God only knows their future. (and ours!) Barbara