Friday, January 14, 2011

Anniversary Present

Husband and my 15th wedding anniversary is coming up in 12 days, and last weekend we found the perfect present to give ourselves - a beautiful table for the back patio. We have this big yard, which the dogs love but we don't get to enjoy half as much as they do. Needless to say, we need a table which will, if nothing else, pull our lazy selves outdoors on nice days.

The table was delivered today, and even though it's greyer than Cleveland outside, I took pictures. Here it is:

Coincidentially, the store owners are neighbors of ours - something we didn't know until we bought the table and arranged for delivery. Somehow that makes it even more special.


TherExtras said...

Happy Anniversary! (early)

Beautiful table! Do each of you have a birthday soon? So's you can get cushions for yours and he can get a gazebo/awning/shade-cover. Just saying. ;)

We have a 'sunroom' that serves as our 'outdoors' when temps are extreme, and an outdoor fireplace in the middle of the yard.

Add citronella candles to your grocery list. Just giving Texas-survival tips. ;) Barbara

Tari said...

Thanks! I'm definitely thinking of an umbrella already - the bougainvilla is capable of growing to cover it, but it's a nightmare to maintain.

TherExtras said...

Ooo! bougainvilla nice but thorny! I'm sure you will work-out something. Really a beautiful set!