Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Quick Take Questions for Friday

1. Is sugar the devil?

2. Why are eating disorders increasing among Orthodox Jewish girls in the US?

3. Is anyone else as creeped out by work avatars as I am? Apparently IBM assigns one to every employee, or so I’ve heard. If I work for them can I request that mine is a size 2?

4. Would you paint your boy’s toenails pink? How about sharing a picture of it with the world? Me, I’m just glad my boys start gagging when they see pink, so I don’t have to answer either of these thorny questions.

5. If you’re a foodie, would you have liked cooking 100 years ago as much as you do now? Megan McArdle doesn’t think so. I think this helps explain why my home, built in 1940 in pre-air-conditioned Houston, has a kitchen cut off from the rest of the house, complete with swinging door and bells to call the cook from the torture chamber kitchen. I don’t like making dinner much these days at all; the idea that it took 30 hours a week to feed your family 100 years ago? I might have run off to join the circus at a young age, that’s all I’m saying.

6. Did you know I have a sister? This is her on the left.

Isn’t she good-looking?

7. Can we please do this in Houston? Woof.

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