Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back Again

Well, I took an unintended but welcome break from writing anything and now I'm back. I helped close out the fiscal year at work (and no one died while it happened, including me), worried some more about One and middle school, came to resolution on those worries, and started back trying to exercise a few times a week. And now, after all that, I give you a post that defines the words "non sequitur":

Five Favorite Smells

What are your favorite smells? I was once at a Bible study where we opened with going around the room and naming one favorite, and it was actually a very interesting conversation starter. I actually love thinking about this topic, as there are so many memories tied to smells if you just close your eyes and take a sniff. My top five? Not in any particular order:

Clean baby head
Lavender oil in a hot bath at the end of a bad day
A cool spring morning, low on the humidity
The smell that wafts over you as you wait in an old, favorite barbecue joint

How about you?

1 comment:

Richard said...

Chocolate chip cookies baking

(after that, what else matters)