Friday, April 29, 2011

Read This

And you won't have to worry about having an appetite for a late-night snack tonight.

"Had I really been yet another one of those women who had given away her identity when she said "I do?" And I don't mean "I do" to marriage -- but rather "I do" to adult responsibility, jobs, children, mortgage, graduate school, paying bills. Where was the me in all of that?"

Because God forbid, you forget to put yourself first in life. Quelle tristesse!

If wife-beating husbands make all men look bad, it's women like this one who are a blot on the entire sex.

HT: Instapundit

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. (Well, except I don't know the translation for those foreign words.)

This seems to run along the lines of that pitiful book and movie "Eat, Pray, Love". (Did I get the title correct? You know, the Julia Roberts one.) Barbara