Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday in Pictures

Today was an almost-perfect spring Sunday. Although we missed church (Husband didn't feel well this morning - likely he just needed more sleep), the boys did two hours of taekwondo practice, I grocery-shopped, and all four of us did some serious yard work. Then we headed off for our well-earned reward of burgers and fries, followed by s'mores back home. I'm sleepy, full and I smell like woodsmoke: this is a good day. Here it is in pictures.

This is the pile from you-know-where. Why does everything that grows in our yard bite back when you touch it? We're all covered to one degree or another with stab marks and scratches - yikes.

The reward, step one:

Kate Middleton, you ain't got nothing on me: THIS man married me, 15 years ago. Sigh.

Two thinks the beeper is a video game - or at least he pretends he thinks so to amuse himself. I'm taking credit for the fact he doesn't need an actual video game to wait until dinner's ready. Yup, that was all me.

Husband and One make their own amusement while we wait:

Guess who wins?

I don't know why he makes this face ...

It obviously makes One sick when he does, though.

Aaaaaah, waiting is at an end!

When we got home, Husband started the fire while I whittled some new marshmallow sticks. Don't say I wasn't born in the Adirondacks.

One's first marshmallow of the summer:

Two makes his s'more:

And One takes his bite:

Happy Spring, y'all.


TherExtras said...

He looks like a prince to me! Fortunately, God gave me one, too!


Tari said...

Thanks! I'm glad you have one, too!