Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Feast

We ate well today at the GW household. Husband outdid himself yet again with his brisket and an asian-style grilled veg dish; I made pea salad and tomato salad, as well as a simple strawberry shortcake for dessert. My boys spoiled me well and truly today: not only did I eat like a queen, they also gave me the nifty video camera with which I filmed the boys for the post just above, and a new camera lens that I took all of today's pictures with. Hopefully I'll get better with the latter in short order. Oy.

I think a good day was had by all. I know I had one. Thanks so much to my trio of hardworking, loving guys. I definitely don't deserve even one of you.

And now, of course, some pictures. Can you say "smoke ring"? I can.

This had some smoky, sesame oil, bit of spice thing going on. It was amazing.

I will never get tired of tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzerella. Ever.

Preparing for pea salad:

And the best way to end the day:

This is the nicest picture I took today with the new lens. Lambie looks 75% sweeter than she is in real life. Technology is an amazing thing, isn't it?

I hope your day was as good as ours was. Happy, all.

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